Best Things To Do In Medellin

Things to do in medellin

Medellin is a great city and there are too many things that Medellin is known for, but among all of these things there 3 that really stand out from the rest, here they are:

  • People are incredibly friendly and helpful, you can almost talk to anyone and expect a warm smile and they are always willing to help you at all times, it’s very easy to have a lot of friends and cultivate good relationships.
  • The weather in Medellin is just perfect, Medellin is known as “la ciudad de la eterna primavera”( the city of eternal spring). It certainly has the best weather in the whole world.
  • Women in Medellin are very beautiful, with no exceptions the best looking women in Colombia.

women medellin

Now let’s talk about more about the city and a little review on what to do in Medellin:

  • Medellin is a Colombian city and It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The greatest contributor to the city’s beauty is its geography, Medellin is located in a valley surrounded by the Andes Mountains.
  • Medellin also has restaurants that offer customers favorite cuisines and beautiful malls that compete favorably with those in Europe and the United States.

There are very many things that visitors can do in Medellin. Let’s look at some of these things.

The Most Interesting Things To Do In Medellin

pueblo paisa
Visit Pueblito Paisa 

Firstly is a visit to Pueblito Paisa. This is basically a “traditional” Antioquenian town built at the top of Cerro Nutibara. Its view is spectacular with paths rising towards the summit. You can either trek or drive to the pueblo paisa.It comprises of small schoolroom, a church, barber shop and some buildings. The buildings serve as restaurants and tourists shops. You will also be fascinated by old and genuine furniture bearing unique texture and details.



Metro Cable

Secondly is the Metro Cable. Honestly, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to have a panoramic view of Medellin. The cable makes a stop over at Estacion Santo Domingo allowing you to visit Biblioteca Espana. Biblioteca Espana is a library donated by the king of Spain. Colombian government has invested much in the area and has tightened its security, most importantly to protect the tourists.


el hueco medellin

El Hueco

El Hueco is in el centro, which is a very busy part of the Medellin. It is vibrant, colorful and offers visitors cheap deals on a variety of items ranging from jewellery and fine leather shoes. Once you get to the hueco you will feel you are in a chinese market place with a lot of centros comerciales that have several floors housing small retail shops, small restaurants and cafes, all of them offering great deals.



Parque Arvi

This park offers you a spectacular view of the tropical forest. The park is well maintained and the air is clean and fresh. You can ride a bike or walk safely due to the clear tour maps. You can spend the night in a hotel located in the park. This hotel is known as Piedras blancas.


Jardin Botanico

This is a green space that has a wide variety of plant species. The place is very safe and provides good food and nice Colombian beer. You can also participate in water activities like rowing and canoeing. The best time to visit this place is in April and March since this is the time when orchid and heliconias display is held.


Visit Guatape Artificial Dam And Town

If you visit Medellin and fail to tour Guatape artificial dam, then you will have missed the most interesting thing. Why is this so? This dam was constructed in 1960s displacing all the inhabitants of a town known as El Penol. The people of this town were relocated to new Nuevo Penol.

The dam is a destination for many tourists who target to participate and experience extreme and water related sports. You will get to visit its islands and enjoy delicious meals in hotels and restaurants, all found on the islands.


Located a few minutes from the reservoir is a large stone known as ‘Piedra del Penol’. Tourists are able to climb onto the top of the rock to have a view of the entire dam and the surrounding area. The rock is 220 meters high and you will need to go up 650 steps before reaching the top.

Guatape Town is located 90 minutes away from Medellin. The town hosts bike parades, concerts, folklore and music festivals. It is not a wonder that Guatape town is one of the most visited places in Colombia.

There are other fun things to do in medellin, like learn how to dance salsa, paragliding, take a bike tour, get a massage or just go out.

I created a blog here with the best places to go made by real testimonials of people and I also attached some videos to help you decide what to do and guide you through all the different things that you can enjoy in medellin. So go ahead check it out and leave your comment or share.