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Free Walking Tour

  • The famous Free Walking Tour is based on tips, hence the guides make their best effort to make you happy and to get a tip. The tour is fully in English.
  • Walk around Medellin’s downtown (El Centro) with a local. Explore the historic districts and let this fascinating city come to life through stories, descriptions and urban legends.
  • During the 4 hours of the tour you will discover the most traditional parks, squares and streets of the city. We will guide you through the history of Medellín, the culture of its people, The Paisas, and their stories.
  • Visitors qualify this tours as “the best free walking tour I’ve been on in 15 months of travel”, “eye opening”, “priceless insider trip helps you makes sense of medellin’s past and prsent”, “Excellent guided walking tour in downtown”, or simply as a “must do tour”. We kinldy invite your to live the experience yourself and let yourself be guided by us.


Due to high demand it is necessary to book Here.




Paragliding is a very enjoyable way to fly, to do this you must combine meteorological conditions offered by nature and experience of the pilot on the flight … achieving and performing a flight lasting several hours, reach great heights and travel huge distances, always accompanied by fabulous scenery.

The double flight is done with an instructor, where the passenger and driver go together, in this flight the passenger does not need prior knowledge of the sport, only to relax, enjoy the scenery and let go of this fantastic experience … having the opportunity to take photos or videos and if conditions allow passenger can fly the glider with a little help of the instructor. On top of this you can do some safe maneuvers, if the passenger wants to maximize the paragliding thrill.


3003330080- 3113591109 Alejandro, Instructor.

3005769352 Andres, Instructor.


Viva Spa

  • Viva spa is a beautiful day spa located in a quite residential neighborhood called Simon Bolivar, which is part of Laurels in Medellin.
  • Unlike many other spas Viva spa specializes in relaxation and not in esthetic surgeries.  Its massage rooms, music and even smell are all specifically created to help visitors get out of the hustle and bustle of Medellin so that they can truly relax.
  • The spa is relatively new, it was opened to the public on the 1st of march 2013. Since then Viva Spa has grown to become known for it excellent service, friendly staff, variety of products offered and one of the most tranquil places one will find in Medellin.

So if you have a sore back from horseback riding in Santa Fe, want a wax job before going to Cartagena, have sore feet from walking in the city centre all day, or sore legs from dancing  salsa at Santo Baile or any other reason: come and visit us!

Open from Tuesday till Sunday

Viva Spa – Simón Bolivar – Cll 36 # 82 A – 16 –  info@vivaspamedellí – Tel: 585 89 72 – Móvil: 311 300 33 44


Medellin Bike Tour

Medellín Bike Tour offers a trustworthy, bilingual guide who can lead you safely through the city as you learn about local culture, architecture and history. This 4-hour tour includes medical insurance, high-quality equipment and lots of excitement.

Medellín Bike Tour visits the following sights throughout the core of the city:

• Cerro el Volador (small mountain with incredible views)

• Jardín Botánico (oasis of tropical plants and cool architecture)

• Parque de los Deseos (unique gathering spot for students, family and lovers)

• Iglesia San Juan Bosco (Romanesque architecture in the heart of the city)

• Parque de La Luz (historical plaza with 300 light sculptures)

• Parque de los Pies Descalzos (Barefoot Park – a Medellín must see)

• Plaza Mayor (epicenter for cultural, musical, business and fashion events)

• Cerro Nutibara/Pueblito Paisa (homage to pre-Hispanic CO and colonial Medellín)

Contact: Daniel Egger-Belandria –

Calling within Colombia :Mobile: 304 420 48 46, Land (within Medellín): 250 48 62

Calling from North America: 512-336-8580  (direct internet line to Medellín with no surcharge from U.S.)



  • Locals love to party and have a good time, they drink and dance a lot.
  • If you go to Parquelleras or Barrio colombia you can see a lot of people dancing to reggatton or salsa and drinking a lot of aguardiente and ron.
  • If you are looking for more upscale clubs then go to Via las palmas and you will several of clubs along the via las palmas but if you are looking for a bar atmosphere then go to la 70 or la 33.
  • There is also something that locals also like a lot – “the fondas” (fondas are traditional houses that used to hold large families that are now set up for clubs) you can find a lot of those fondas in Sabaneta.
  • If you want to have a unique traditional experience then join a chiva party(a chiva is a typical transportation that brings coffee and people to the hills and now it has been turned into disco clubs in a bus that goes around the city -see the picture) they are everywhere.


Pueblito Paisa

  • The Pueblito is a replica of an Antioquian town and you can learn more of the local traditions here, it’s just the perfect sightseeing spot of the city.
  • It’s up on a hill – A green lung in the middle of the city, and it has really nice views of Medellín.
  • It has a great colonial feeling and you can see what some of the business looked like and the kind of equipment they had back in the days .
  • There are a couple of restaurants and stores where you can buy a lot of souvenirs and taste delicious local gastronomy, you will be able to find traditional Antioquian handicrafts such as necklaces, backpacks , rings,and the traditional little CHIVAS (unique way to transport coffee and people to the hills).

To get there:

Take a taxi.


Jardín Botánico

  • It’s a public green space dedicated to many different species of plants, trees and nature in general.
  • It’s a nice break from the city and good place to walk around or put together a picnic, it’s very safe with good food and good Colombian beer, with nice fauna all around.
  • It’s a cool place to bring your significant other or just hang out with locals where citizens gather to bike, hike and engage in water related activities including canoeing and rowing.
  • The best time to visit is in March and April to see the Orquideorama where an orchid and heliconias display is held, It’s amazing with beautiful flowers and arrangaments.

It’s right across the street from Parque Explora and the all-concrete Parque de los Deseos, a favorite hangout for locals and college students.

Open everyday from 9 A.M to 5 P.M

To get there:

Take the metro and get off estacion Universidad. It’s right there.


Museo de Arte Moderno

  • This museum is well decorated and very clean, it’s located in “ciudad del rio” neighborhood in a nice building with big airy galleries.
  • You can truly see modern art on display with changing displays very often, The exhibitions are always interesting and sometimes it includes some famous pieces of work.
  • You can also walk to the park “ciudad del rio” right behind the museum where sometimes you can see street artists or you can just relax, drink a coffee or take pictures.

The place is closed on mondays but it’s open Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

To get there:

The address is Carrera 44 No. 19A -100, take a taxi or take the metro and get off Estación indutriales and walk, really close to the Estación.


Parque Zoológico Santa Fe

Zoológico Santa Fe

  • This zoo is well maintained and has a great selection of animals with a lot of different types of them.
  • They do a really good job protecting species in danger of extinction.
  • If you go during the week, there is hardly anyone there which makes easier to get very good views of the animals.
  • The downside is that there is little space for the large animals.

It’s open most days from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

To get there:

The address is Carrera 52 No. 20-63, just take a taxi.


Parque Explora

  • Parque explora is full of Interesting exhibits that are really interactive, fun and very well laid out so time passes really quickly. The downside is a lot of the exhibits don’t have English translations which sometimes could be difficult to appreciate if you don’t know Spanish.
  • The science pavilions are really amazing and the Aquarium is very interesting, some beautiful tanks with colorful fish and amphibians from Amazonas.
  • It’s definitely a really good place to hang out with local people.

It’s located right across from the Botanical Gardens so once you are done at parque explora you can walk to “Jardin botanico”(botanical gardens).

To get there:

Take the metro and get off at Estación Universidad. The parque explora is right there.