Medellin Bike Tour

Medellín Bike Tour offers a trustworthy, bilingual guide who can lead you safely through the city as you learn about local culture, architecture and history. This 4-hour tour includes medical insurance, high-quality equipment and lots of excitement.

Medellín Bike Tour visits the following sights throughout the core of the city:

• Cerro el Volador (small mountain with incredible views)

• Jardín Botánico (oasis of tropical plants and cool architecture)

• Parque de los Deseos (unique gathering spot for students, family and lovers)

• Iglesia San Juan Bosco (Romanesque architecture in the heart of the city)

• Parque de La Luz (historical plaza with 300 light sculptures)

• Parque de los Pies Descalzos (Barefoot Park – a Medellín must see)

• Plaza Mayor (epicenter for cultural, musical, business and fashion events)

• Cerro Nutibara/Pueblito Paisa (homage to pre-Hispanic CO and colonial Medellín)

Contact: Daniel Egger-Belandria – [email protected]

Calling within Colombia :Mobile: 304 420 48 46, Land (within Medellín): 250 48 62

Calling from North America: 512-336-8580  (direct internet line to Medellín with no surcharge from U.S.)

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