• Locals love to party and have a good time, they drink and dance a lot.
  • If you go to Parquelleras or Barrio colombia you can see a lot of people dancing to reggatton or salsa and drinking a lot of aguardiente and ron.
  • If you are looking for more upscale clubs then go to Via las palmas and you will several of clubs along the via las palmas but if you are looking for a bar atmosphere then go to la 70 or la 33.
  • There is also something that locals also like a lot – “the fondas” (fondas are traditional houses that used to hold large families that are now set up for clubs) you can find a lot of those fondas in Sabaneta.
  • If you want to have a unique traditional experience then join a chiva party(a chiva is a typical transportation that brings coffee and people to the hills and now it has been turned into disco clubs in a bus that goes around the city -see the picture) they are everywhere.

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