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Learn To Dance Salsa

Santo Baile Poblado

  • These are definitely the best salsa dance classes in Medellín, where the teachers are very patient and professional.

  • You will learn Colombian salsa and other Colombian dance styles with award-winning instructors.  Santo Baile staff includes salsa champions, including famous teachers from Cali -“the salsa capital of the world.” This is absolutely the best place to learn how to dance salsa in Medellín!

  • It’s really worth trying if you want to get a real feeling of Colombian dance, traditions and people. You can start from scratch; you won’t regret it.

  • The studio is near the best restaurants and cool places in poblado as well as the best hotels and hostels, which makes it really convenient for tourists to just walk to your lessons. It’s just a few blocks away from parquelleras (The Zona Rosa).

Open from 9 A.M to 9 P.M most days.

To get there:

The address is carrera 35 # 7-24 Poblado Medellín, Santo baile Poblado, it’s really easy to find it, if you are at poblado you can just walk over there, or just take a taxi.


Museo de Antioquia

  • It’s really interesting museum with beautiful architecture.
  • They have a wide variety of art and a great collection of Botero paintings, drawings and sculpture.
  • It also contains some early Colombia religious art and you will see a good exhibit on the precolombino art and pottery as well as interesting modern pieces.
  • The museum is located right on Botero Plaza which displays the artist’s sculptures.
  •  Photos are permitted in the museum “without flash”.

To get there

Take the metro and get off Estación Parque Berrio where you will find 3 important attractions of the city: Museo de Antioquia, plaza botero, and palacio de la cultura. So don’t forget your camera.


Metro Cable

  • What a fantastic view, it’s an excellent way to see a panoramic view of Medellín,
  • It’s a wonderful and exciting thing to do go during the morning to avoid rush hour in the metro
  • Also get off at the Estación Santo Domingo to see the Biblioteca España, it’s a library donated by the king of Spain, nice to walk around and see.
  • The Cable to St Domingo gives a good impression of the poor neighborhoods, very similar to “Favelas” in Brasil, but the place is really safe with a lot of friendly people,  the government has invested in the development of this area and there is a lot of police taking care of tourists and giving information on directions.

To Get There

It’s really easy to access, just take the metro and get off at the Estación Acevedo and head on up.


Parque Arví

  • The park is well kept , Extremely relax and definitely worth a visit.
  • It has a fantastic view of the tropical forest and the air is so fresh and clean.
  • It’s really safe, there are beautiful nature trails and some neat little towns along the park.
  • There are free bikes and clear tour maps, so you can walk or ride the bike.
  • Bring your jacket because It’s cooler up there and In case you want to spend the night, there is an outstanding Hotel: piedras blancas.

To get there

Take the metro to “Estación acevedo” get off Estación Santo domingo and hop on the other metrocable.


Museo El Castillo

  • It is a beautiful place located at Poblado with Great views of Medellin, It is perfect to take pictures and escape from the city.
  • Its wonderful architecture makes it a unique place, it really makes you feel like you are in another place on earth,
  • the gardens are absolutely fantastic and delightful.
  • There are some areas of the castle that can be hired for parties.

To Get There

Just take a taxi.