Pueblito Paisa

  • The Pueblito is a replica of an Antioquian town and you can learn more of the local traditions here, it’s just the perfect sightseeing spot of the city.
  • It’s up on a hill – A green lung in the middle of the city, and it has really nice views of Medellín.
  • It has a great colonial feeling and you can see what some of the business looked like and the kind of equipment they had back in the days .
  • There are a couple of restaurants and stores where you can buy a lot of souvenirs and taste delicious local gastronomy, you will be able to find traditional Antioquian handicrafts such as necklaces, backpacks , rings,and the traditional little CHIVAS (unique way to transport coffee and people to the hills).

To get there:

Take a taxi.

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